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Introduction to Malaysian Financial Markets 9789670761534

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Introduction to Malaysian Financial Markets is an introductory book that explains the features and operation of the various financial markets available in Malaysia in simple terms. It specifically provides readers with a working knowledge of the principles of the money market, capital market, and derivatives market. It also introduces the fundamental elements of the Islamic financial market in order to provide a basic understanding of how it differs from the conventional financial market.

The book goes into detail about the characteristics and functions of the various financial instruments available in each of these markets, so that readers can grasp how each financial instrument’s potential return can meet and satisfy various investors’ investment risk appetite and risk profile. The book makes extensive use of worked examples, graphs, tables and illustrations to help readers gain a better comprehension of the subject matter. This approach assists readers to familiarise themselves with the fundamental principles, theories and practical aspects underlying each of the financial instruments discussed in the book.

This book is divided into ten chapters. It starts with a quick overview of the financial system’s components, as well as the various classifications of financial markets and the rise of the Fintech industry. The following chapters discuss the characteristics of the money market, the stock market, the bond market, the derivative markets (forward, futures, options, and swaps), and concludes with a chapter on the characteristics of Islamic financial markets and Shariah-based financial contracts.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Financial System
Chapter 2: The Money Market
Chapter 3: Investing in Stocks
Chapter 4: Stock Valuation Methods
Chapter 5: The Bond Market
Chapter 6: Valuation of Bonds
Chapter 7: Futures Derivatives
Chapter 8: Options Derivatives
Chapter 9: Interest Rate and Currency Swaps
Chapter 10: Introduction to Islamic Finance
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