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Focus on Grammar with Essential Online Resources

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Building on the success of previous editions, Focus on Grammar, Fifth Edition continues to use its unique four-step approach that lets learners move from comprehension to communication within a clear and consistent structure. Centered on thematic instruction, Focus on Grammar combines comprehensive grammar coverage with abundant practice in all four skills, critical thinking, and ongoing assessment, helping students communicate confidently, accurately, and fluently in everyday situations, as well as in academic settings.


• Scaffolded exercises help learners bridge the gap between identifying grammatical structures and
using them with confidence and accuracy in open-ended ways.
• High-interest readings in multiple genres expose students to the form, meaning, and use of
grammar in natural contexts.
• Key vocabulary taught, practiced, and recycled throughout the unit ensures acquisition. It includes
words from the Academic Word List (AWL) for Levels 3—5.
• Listening practice in every unit gives students multiple opportunities to hear the grammar point
in varied and natural spoken formats.
• Lively communication activities bring fun to the classroom.
• Mapped to the Global Scale of English.