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Elementary Statistics: A Step By Step Approach 11th Edition 9781265248123

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Elementary Statistics: A Step by Step Approach was written as an aid in the beginning statistics course to students whose mathematical background is limited to basic algebra. The book follows a non-theoretical approach without formal proofs, explaining concepts intuitively and supporting them with abundant examples. The applications span a range of topics, including problems in business, sports, health, architecture, education, entertainment, political science, psychology, history, criminal justice, the environment, transportation, physical sciences, demographics, and travel.

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Table of contents

CHAPTER 1: The Nature of Probability and Statistics

CHAPTER 2: Frequency Distributions and Graphs

CHAPTER 3: Data Description

CHAPTER 4: Probability and Counting Rules

CHAPTER 5: Discrete Probability Distributions

CHAPTER 6: The Normal Distribution

CHAPTER 7: Confidence Intervals and Sample Size

CHAPTER 8: Hypothesis Testing

CHAPTER 9 : Testing the Difference Between Two Means, Two Proportions, and Two Variances

CHAPTER 10: Correlation and Regression

CHAPTER 11: Other Chi-Square Tests

CHAPTER 12: Analysis of Variance

CHAPTER 13: Nonparametric Statistics

CHAPTER 14: Sampling and Simulation


A Tables

B Data Bank

C Glossary

D Selected Answers

E Important Formulas